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LitSL Results from OverClocked ReMix

2009-12-04 04:03:17 by SockpuppetRemix

I submitted my Mining Melancholy ReMix to OverClocked earlier this year. It finally got judged about a month ago and I forgot to post here about it. Oops.

But yeah, it got rejected.

I agree with all the judge's reasons though, and I plan to redo the ReMix some time and submit it again. Hopefully I can get someone to play the guitar bits for it.

In other news I've almost finished a Life in the Mines (without Mining Melancholy this time) and a Zelda theme ReMix. The LITM won't be uploaded until the DKC-Atlas ReMix Project, which it is part of, is completed and released, but I may have the Zelda mix uploaded by the end of the year. I'm suddenly full of ideas for remixes too, so hopefully I can get back to uploading stuff more often.


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