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I submitted my Mining Melancholy ReMix to OverClocked earlier this year. It finally got judged about a month ago and I forgot to post here about it. Oops.

But yeah, it got rejected.

I agree with all the judge's reasons though, and I plan to redo the ReMix some time and submit it again. Hopefully I can get someone to play the guitar bits for it.

In other news I've almost finished a Life in the Mines (without Mining Melancholy this time) and a Zelda theme ReMix. The LITM won't be uploaded until the DKC-Atlas ReMix Project, which it is part of, is completed and released, but I may have the Zelda mix uploaded by the end of the year. I'm suddenly full of ideas for remixes too, so hopefully I can get back to uploading stuff more often.


2009-07-12 00:18:48 by SockpuppetRemix

I'm still really busy (see the last news post), but here's some stuff to listen too. Tell me which ones you like or don't like, and I might/might not finish them.

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Here's a link if you want to read the video description.

1. Cave Dweller Concert (Donkey Kong Country) - I originally claimed CDC for the DKC Atlas Project. I picked it to challenge myself: The original track had hardly any strong melody, so I had to make my own. I didn't like how this was going though, and dropped my claim. This is my first shot at Jazz. =D

2. Fear Factory/Flight of the Zinger (Donkey Kong Country 1/2) - As the title says, a mix of FF and FotZ. As you can hear, it didn't get very far. It's basically just a cover of Fear Factory. I was going to add the climax of Zinger and some original melodies later.

3. Forest Interlude Ver. 2 (Donkey Kong Country 2) - Don't be fooled by the start: It's not the same as the first one. I WAS doing a solo DKC2 project but I decided I was aiming for WAY too much.

4. Boss Medley (The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons) - Made for the "Essence of Lime" project. Very early WIP. I haven't added panning, reverb, EQ or any of that yet. Guitars sound horribly fake, drums are crap... But I WILL finish this one...maybe...

Also, I submitted Life in the Shaft Lane to Overclocked ReMix. I'll make another post once I find out what the judges do with it.

Small Update on What's Happening (Not much has changed)

2009-06-23 05:03:27 by SockpuppetRemix

Things aren't too different since I last posted. I've still got more remixes I have to do than I can really handle. And still no-one (except maybe 3 people) cares. Why am I even posting this? =P
I'm not going to bother with the OCR project auditions anymore, as I'm pretty sure I'm not good enough. So here's what I'm doing:

- At least 2 tracks for a DKC Remix Album/Project/Collaboration/Whatever you want to call it.

- A remix for the Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge. (2 month deadline. Oh shit...)

- At least 1 remix for Essence of Lime (An Oracle of Ages album project)

- At least 3 remixes for Super Nuke Bros

- And to make things even harder I've got writers block. Again. >_<

I have, however, got a lot of ideas that I want to try. When I eventually come back I think I'll try some more New Super Mario Bros or Pokemon music. I might even give some Super Mario Galaxy tracks a shot. I'm taking a break from Donkey Kong though...
In the meantime I'll see if I've got some WIPs or something lying around, just so the few people who read this have something to listen too.

EDIT: Life in the Shaft Lane is on the Best of All Time list! =D I think this is my 4th song to get up there. And it's my first GOOD remix to get on. The other 3 sucked...

Sorry everyone, but I won't be uploading anything new for a while because I've got a lot of stuff to do.

- I'm coordinating a DKC remix project with some guys on another forum I go to. And no, the tracks won't be released here.

-I need to make an audition for the OCReMix Super Mario 64 project, Portrait of a Plumber.

-I need to make another audition for an unnamed OCReMix Boss Theme project.

None of these remixes will be released on Newgrounds (unless the auditions get rejected). And I'm temporarily stopping work on the DKC2 Project.
So, I'll leave you all with a WIP ReMix of Forest Interlude. I used the first remix as a base.
See you when I'm less busy! =D

Donkey Kong Country 2 Remix Project!!!

2009-04-27 02:31:15 by SockpuppetRemix

I've decided to start my own DKC2 Remix project, because it has my favorite soundtrack of all time! I'll be ReMixing every song in the game except the really short ones. I'll try and use a mix of styles as well.
The Mining Melancholy ReMix, "Life in the Shaft Lane," is part of it, but all the remixes I did before that are NOT. I will be fixing up the Disco Train ReMix though.
Below is the list of songs and links to the finished Mixes and WIPS. Enjoy!

1. K. Rool Returns (Title)
2. Steel Drum Rumba (Menu)
3. Welcome to Crocodile Isle (World Map)
4. Cranky's Conga (Monkey Museum)
5. School House Harmony (Kong Kollege)
6. Swanky's Swing (Swanky's Bonus Bonanza)
7. Funky the Main Monkey (Funky's Flights II)
8. Klubba's Reveille (Klubba's Kiosk)
9. Token Tango (Bonus)
10. Klomp's Romp (Ship Deck)
11. Jib Jig (Rigging)
12. Lockjaw's Saga (Ship Hold)
13. Boss Bossanova (Boss)
14. Hot Head Bop (Lava)
15. Mining Melancholy (Mine Shaft) Life in the Shaft Lane
16. Bayou Boogie (Swamp)
17. Snakey Chantey (Ship Deck 2)
18. Stickerbrush Symphony (Brambles)
19. Flight of the Zinger (Zinger Hive)
20. Disco Train (Rollercoaster) Krem Arcade (WIP)
21. Run, Rambi, Run! (King Zing Chase)
22. Forest Interlude (Haunted Woods)
23. Haunted Chase (Haunted Hall)
24. In a Snow Bound Land (Ice Cave)
25. Krook's March (Castle)
26. False Triumph (Stronghold Showdown/Flying Kroc)
27. Bad Bird Rag (Screech Race)
28. Lost World Anthem (Lost World Map)
29. Primal Rave (Jungle)
30. Crocodile Cacophony (King K.Rool)
31. Extra Track 1 (Just for the sake of having 40 songs)
32. Extra Track 2
33. Extra Track 3
34. Extra Track 4
35. Extra Track 5
36. Extra Track 6
37. Extra Track 7
38. Extra Track 8
39. Extra Track 9
40. Donkey Kong Rescued (Credits)


The Nintendo Orchestra!

2009-02-18 02:17:34 by SockpuppetRemix

I made a big medley of Nintendo songs! YAY! =D /214037


2009-02-14 21:47:49 by SockpuppetRemix

Right now I'm working on something big! =D Hopefully that will be finished and uploaded soon, 2 weeks at most.
I'm sorry about the big gap between Disco Train and Frozen Oil 2 (which probably sounds crap anyway...), but I'm working on a few songs now, and have got several more planned. =)

Oh yeah, and will you all stop liking Dark World so much!!! =( Really it's just a remake! Go and like one of better songs instead! D=
(I was half joking in case you couldn't tell)

Well, first of all, over 10 people have added me as a favorite audio artist! =D
Sure that's not that much but it's a start. Thanks guys!
And Towers of Johto has somehow made it into the top scoring! =D

At the moment I'm taking a break from remixing because I'm unmotivated... but I have some good ideas ready. I'm going to try to make less remakes and more remixes. I also need to get a few requests done.
Now, uhhh... go listen to this: /197284
Thanks everyone! =D

New Super Mario Bros Castle

2008-11-22 01:28:50 by SockpuppetRemix

Well, I've redone my New Super Mario Bros Castle theme remix, and it sounds loads better than my first attempt. Might be the best I've done so far.
Listen to it here: /188954

Redoing songs.

2008-11-21 04:32:13 by SockpuppetRemix

Since I started doing VG remixes I've found some great new instrument patches and stuff, including some awesome electric guitars. So, once I find a few more instruments I'm after, I'm probably going to remake a few of my older remixes, NSMB Castle in particular. (No-ones reviewed that one yet...=( )
And I also need to redo Frozen Oil, cos it still sounds a little crappy. (Maybe even very crappy.)
(I wonder if anyone is even going to see this... lol =D)